About Folk Dog Art


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a graphic designer by day (brickhousecreative.com), abby mcmillen makes her home in beautiful bozeman, montana, where she knows more animals named abby than people named abby. she's a self-taught painter whose love of dogs and of folk art encouraged her to start pushing paint around on canvases. abby mcmillen folk dog art

abby's three dogs, selah (SAY-luh, black lab), frida (golden retriever mutt mix, and named for the mexican painter frida kahlo), and mae (the beautiful daisy mae, white lab -- RIP april 2014 at the ripe old age of 14), are the inspiration for the original folk dogs. when she's not painting, abby's teaching group fitness classes or hanging out outside -- hiking, cycling, running, fishing, gardening, reading, breathing, laughing, and enjoying life in the mountains.