barkwheats folk dog flavorsbarkwheats is a groovy company that makes grain-free, gluten-free, organic dog biscuits. they're based in maine ... and by some miracle of google, they found my folk dog art site in the summer of 2009. barkwheats' owners, chris and renée, were looking for some new artwork to spice up their biscuit packaging, and they asked if it might be possible to have that art be folk dog art . so we did some talking, negotiating, laughing, and more talking, and came to an agreement. now, you'll find folk dogs on their boxes -- one for each of their four flavors.

through sustainable packaging (100% recyclable), responsibile ingredient sourcing (direct from small-scale farmers), and a general holistic approach to both their baking and their business, chris and renée are growing barkwheats as quite the little green company (and a certified B corporation). in december 2009, barkwheats' ginger & parsley flavor became the first fair trade certified pet product on the market, and recently they were awarded a rogue element 'green design' grant that will help them with yet more marketing and design. ask your locally owned independent pet store to carry barkwheats -- or buy them online at!

if you live in the bozeman area, you can find barkwheats at Dee-O-Gee and at Barkenhowell's.

dogs love barkwheats!